Learnspaces give people space and time to learn from each other and to find new personal and professional contacts. In best case friendship, work and apprenticeship possibilities will develop. Learnspaces are co-designed workshops, in which Do-It-Yourself has priority. Experts will assist the participants in learning.


From geeting cards with AR-elements and wearable technologies to fine dust sensors - in Learnspaces you can build (nearly) everything!


Humans are the center of learnspaces: Whether or not you are born in Siegen or just arrived here - be part of the Maker Community!


Show your in profile in the internet, discuss multiple digital cultures, learn to program - Learnspaces will give you the opportunity.


Create your own Online Portfolio and present yourself to potential employers!

Measure air quality and engage as a citizen - like OK Lab Stuttgart!

A mobile Makerspace! Project in cooperation with GIG - We are what we create together!

You have a project idea, too? Contact us - we look forward to meet you!


16 Teilnehmer aus 7 Ländern lernen in
im Fab Lab Siegen das Erstellen von Modellen für 3D-Druck und Laserschneiden mit Autodesk Fusion360 - läuft bei uns! 🙂

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Mittagspause beim Stop-Motion-Workshop - alle geben sich gegenseitig Tips und reden über ihre Talente, Kompetenzen und wie wir sie im Film zeigen können 🙂 ...

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Der Stop-Motion-Workshop fängt mit einem Spiel an: Tauschbörsen für Talente! Jeder kann ganz viel - aber zusammen können wir noch mehr 🙂 ...

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Wer noch kommt: Folgt den Pfeilen hoch in den Holospace 🙂 ...

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